Marketing Far and Wide

We say marketing far and wide, because the term encompasses everything your company uses to reach your target audience and is most effective when diversified. Marketing includes advertising online, television, print, it also includes public relations, sponsorships, direct mail campaigns, social media strategies, which cover viral videos, app development, social networking on Facebook and Twitter, and much more.

maoStudios develops extensive marketing campaigns that cover monthly tactical outreach that both increase business and build awareness for brands in any industry. We also work alongside Marketing Managers who lack the resources and time to implement certain aspects of marketing, like social media, viral videos, or media buying to name a few.

Our approach and recommendations are drawn up in a marketing plan that evaluates your brand, mission, executive team, background, target audience, current marketing efforts, and most importantly a monthly timeline mapping out all your tactical elements.

Why use us and not someone else? maoStudios is a boutique firm, meaning we are small and provide quality over quantity. We work with a handful of clients who receive our utmost attention and also benefit from our industry contacts in film, television, online, print, PR, and media.

The cost of our plans and marketing services range depending on your needs, so please contact us today for a quote.

What our clients say:

Our site has performed extremely well and brought us a tremendous amount of business. We recommended them to corporate, we like them so much!

Hans Guelker - President, Forever Lawn Bellevue

About maoStudios:

maoStudios is located in the Greenlake area of Seattle.

Our Seattle Web Design & Marketing Agency has worked for companies both locally and nationally for years. Take a look through our site, our work and testimonials speak for themselves.